Hey darlings,

I have to be honest this whole blogging idea gives me anxiety as posting about your life for many others to read makes me uncomfortable and i have to face it, my grammar sucks.

I wanted to do something that encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone but also allowed me to be me and shall we say .. relax. My life has been filled with a whirlwind of events which i would say allows me to impact peoples lives positively and encourage people to take control. I feel like i have so much to share with you and that excites me.

I know many other people have blogs these days and it’s common for people to have them now but that doesn’t bother me, I am happy to join the family. My blog will be the truth and nothing but the truth because i believe in honesty and trust.

I am originally from the United Kingdom but have been living in New Zealand for over 6 years now. I live here with my younger brother and parents and I am soon to become a Registered Nurse 1 more month guys!

I have an amazing partner Martin, who I have been with for just under 5 years. He has bought nothing but happiness, trust and safety into my life and you will most likely hear a lot about him.

Why the name Chaotic Passion? my life is and has been chaotic at the best of times and i will share with you my absolute passions as well as the most intimate details of my life.

Welcome to my world honeys, I hope you enjoy.

Soph, x


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