A time for change

Hey honeys, Happy new year! Apologies for the lack of blog content over the past few weeks, I have been taking time to relax over the holidays as well as spending time with family and friends.

As we enter a new year most of us get thinking about what our new years resolutions are going to be, new goals that we want to set ourselves as well as what changes we would like to or perhaps need to make to ourselves or our lives. I am definitely one of those people, so I thought it would be nice to share with you what my goals/ new years resolutions are for 2017. Wow it almost seems serial saying that.

  1. Take better care of myself – (I want to join the gym, exercise at least 4 times a week, start taking part in yoga and eating healthier. I am not currently happy with my body or my meal choices so this is something I definitely want to change over the corse of 2017. I have really let myself fall into bad eating habits along with having not worked out in a very long time)
  2. Make more time for friends – (Last year was definitely a very full on and busy year for me and amongst all of the craziness I have not been able to make much time to catch up with friends, even for a quick coffee. It is my mission this year to make this a priority as my girlfriends have been so supportive and patient throughout 2016 and I really miss seeing them as much as I used to)
  3. Save a deposit for a house – (This year I will be moving into my partners house and I cannot be any more excited for this next step, however it is our goal to become home owners in the near future, so a big goal for us this year is to save as hard as we can for a deposit on our very own house)
  4. Complete my post grad paper – (In 2016 I gained a Bachelor of Nursing degree and could not be prouder of myself for it. I gained my dream entry to practise position as a nurse in the National Burns Unit, starting at the end of January. This year I am also lucky enough to have my post grad study paid for and it is my mission to work hard in both my job and my post grad study in order to gain my post graduate certificate at the end of this year! Bring it on!)
  5. Work on professional development – (During 2016 I became very interested in professional development and ways in which I could better myself not only as a person but professionally. This year I want to work harder on this and find new ways to become a better version of myself and thrive professionally)
  6. Give back – (Lastly I am very passionate about giving to those who are struggling in life. This year I really want to do more to help these people, to bring some happiness into their lives and just do a good thing. Wether it’s driving through town with blankets, food, fresh water, a tooth brush and tooth paste for the homeless, paying someones grocery bill or simply walking up to someone and telling them that they are beautiful and amazing. I want to give to those who are struggling in life)

So there you have it my darlings, my goals for 2017. All realistic and achievable and I WILL achieve them all this year. I am making it my mission. What are your goals for 2017? comment below, I would love to read them!

Remember this is a new year and a new start. An opportunity to become better versions of yourselves and do things you have never done before.

I hop you enjoyed. Until next time,



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