Bon voyage Dairy

Acne. We all hate it. Many suffer from it. We all wish there was a magic cure for the horrible condition that would make it vanish within seconds. 

Well, I can confidently say that I think I may have overcome my  horrible acne days and welcomed the clearest skin I have had since I can remember. 

How? do you ask, by quitting dairy! 

My acne and scaring have always been a huge insecurity of mine. I spent all of my teenage years right up until this year (I am now 21) convincing myself that it would just go away once puberty was over but boy oh boy was I wrong. I have tried all the medications offered, all the topical creams and the cleansers you can think of and nothing seemed to significantly reduce my acne, scaring or prevent it from popping up again. Until .. I quit dairy. 

I had always wondered how good cows milk actually was for us and the effects it has on people’s skin. It wasn’t until looking more into it online that I realised that maybe dairy was the root of the problem, maybe my skin was acting up as a way to show me that dairy isn’t for me and my body is not liking it. I read articles online about dairy and how cutting it out of people’s diets made such a difference to the way their skin looked and felt. 

Before taking this step to becoming dairy free I used to have coffee all the time, eat lots of chocolate, have a yoghurt and nuts for breakfast and eat way too much ice cream! no wonder my acne was playing up. 

Now lets fast forwards a few months and I can safely say that I have NO acne and only a few little bits of scaring that are clearing up well, with the use of rosehip oil every night. I now still have the odd coffee but with almond milk instead of cows milk so I am still able to enjoy one of my favourite things but with the reassurance that I will not experience a breakout the next day. 

I am now confident when wearing no make up, the way I look and have finally found the source of what was causing my skin so much grief for all these years. It has been such a struggle for a long time, using trial and error to find the cause of my acne and I am so happy that I have finally got my skin looking healthy, clear and glowing. 

Honestly honeys, if you are suffering from acne and notice there is quite a bit of dairy in your diet, trying saying goodbye to it and see what difference it makes for you! Let me know in the comments below if you have cut dairy out of your diet and the differences you have noticed.

Have a look at these articles and tell me what you think:

SJ xx


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