You and Me Always

I have recently been very sick which lead to me being admitted to hospital. It is safe to say that it really made me appreciate my other half more than I already do. I have always struggled to express my emotions; really show how I am feeling and for a long time it was hard to do so in my relationship. However having improved this aspect of my character I am now able to express my emotions and gratitude far better than before.

Whilst I went through this tough time my partner did everything he possibly could to ensure I was comfortable, had someone with me when he took a break to sleep and also ensured I had everything I needed within close reach so that I did not have to make my way downstairs or around the house struggling to grab the things I wanted and needed at that time. He survived on severe lack of sleep as he was up with me at all hours of the night and morning whilst I was in pain and struggling to keep any fluids of food down. He really did go above and beyond for me and showed me a whole new side to him that reminded me just like every other day exactly why he is my soul mate.

I wanted to write this post to express my never-ending gratitude for him but also ensure that you too are showing your partners just how much they mean to you. My partner is always putting me before himself, ensuring I have everything I desire and need even if it means he goes without. He gives me his last dollar of the week for a packet of chips or an ice cream if he sees it is what I am wanting and his forever reply is ‘what’s mine is yours its OUR money, anything for you’. I could not think of doing life with anyone but him, I truly couldn’t. The love he shows me every single day is mesmerising.

There are times where I feel that I do not tell him enough just how much I truly love and appreciate him, where I do not show him this appreciation and whilst he does not bring this up I know that I can do more to show him my never ending gratitude towards him.

Honey’s if you too have a partner who treats you exactly how you deserve to be treated, nothing less then make sure you show them every single day, tell them every single day just how much you love and appreciate them. You only get one life and believe me at this moment in time with what is going on in many parts of the world it seems as though life it too short. Shower your partners with affection and ensure that every single day they know that they are loved. This does not only apply to them though honeys this also applies to your partners.

Make sure that your partners are showing you the same love and gratitude that you are showing them because you deserve the world and more.

SJ xx


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