L’Oreal Pure Clay experience

Any one who knows me, will already understand just how much I love and use face masks. So naturally when L’Oreal launched their new Pure Clay range I had to get my hands on them and give them a try.

For the past few months I have been trialling these raved about facemasks and I have to say they have won me over. I have equally tested all three of the masks in the range, having loved every one of them. They do exactly what they claim to do. However If I will always give real reviews on products I write about so I will tell you that these masks have an intense perfumed smell to them and at first had me wondering if they were actually doing harm to my face as the smell is a little over powering. However I can look past this as the products themselves work wonders on my skin. My Skin feels smooth, unclogged, radiant and healthy after just one use, I really am getting a luxurious at home spa experience with each one of these masks.

My favourite product from the range is the ‘exfoliates and smoothes’ mask, this is because it is so satisfying feeling the little beads in the mask glide across my skin, getting rid of all the dead skin cells. The end result being my skin feels like a babies bottom and I can’t stop touching my face for the next few minutes.

I love the packaging on these products too. I feel like packaging is so important for any beauty product as you want to ensure the packaging is hygienic as well as not letting any of the good stuff escape. I love that L’Oreal have placed a barrier on top of the product as well as the screw on top so when the lid is unscrewed, there is a little lid still in place over the product to ensure non of those amazing ingredients start to evaporate into the air. This for me was what influenced my overall feelings about the masks.

L’Oreal did good with this range, I really do enjoy using the products and have already recommended them to so many people, I even bought my mom one of the masks as part of her mothers day gift and she loves it. This just proves that these masks can be used on all ages, which is also something I am really in to.

Honey if you haven’t already got your hands on this range and your looking for new facemasks to try I highly recommend this range. Bare in mind that if you do not like strong perfume smells then these products may not be for you, but the end results are so worth it!



SJ, xx


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  1. I need this! I love natural clay products!! Looking forward to your future posts!
    Check out my latest post?
    Mena |femmerewritten.com

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